Innovation Center for Applied Nanotechnology (I-CanNano) is brainchild of Dr. Arup Chatterjee, a global authority on nanotechnology & nano-materials. I-CanNano is a classic story of technology entrepreneurship where decade long research on nanotechnology has grown up from laboratory scale to industrial scale and now commercializing plethora of hi-tech innovative & high performance nanotech enabled products in global markets.

I-CanNano has developed robust process technology for industrial scale manufacturing of nano-materials that are tunable in size & structure, scalable, and highly pure in terms of quality. I-Can manufactures not only major elements of periodic table in nano-form but also bi/tri-metallic alloys and their compounds. This includes nano Fe, Ag, Au, Al, Pt, Pd, Co, Ni, Cr, Zn, Ceria, Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide etc. Also, many novel structures of carbon viz. porous nano-carbon, carbon nano-fiber, nano-tubes, diamond like carbon, graphite structures, ‘Y’ junction carbon, flower structure etc.

I-CanNano has not restricted its activity in the field of nano-materials but also graduated to development of applications in various areas of paints & coatings, composites, filters, catalysts, electrodes, drug delivery etc. This successful development of nano-products is due to graduation from 1st generation nanotechnology to 3rd generation nanotechnology of ordered nano-structures that takes care of excellent dispersion characteristics.

Nanotechnology enabled paint/ coatings include various high performance & multi-functional paints/ coatings in decorative as well as industrial segment. In decorative segment, I-CanNano has developed nano water base paints that are low VOC, anti-fungal/bacteria/algae, hydro-phobic, UV resistant, heat insulating with elastomeric (stretchable that cover cracks) properties for building interiors & exteriors and these are not only environment friendly but also robust in terms of performance & life. Similarly, wood paints & coatings that are not only water/UV/ fungus resistant but also termite-free & fire resistant. Building segment products include transparent coatings for plaster, glass, ceramic, stone that are water repellent, anti-bacteria/fungal and non-polymeric.

In Industrial segment, product portfolio includes heat conducting paints, high electrically insulating paints that withstands 5000V, high anti-corrosive paints, pollutant adsorbent paint, high impact & scratch resistant paints, high temperature resistant paints, clear coat paints etc.

With wide portfolio of nanotech enabled paints & coatings, I-CanNano has set up 40 TPM paint manufacturing facility near Kolkata, India in April 2007. With overwhelming response from Indian industry, soon I-CanNano is planning to expand the facility to higher scale.

Apart from paints/coatings, activity has already started towards commercialization of composites. I-CanNano is envisaging development of world’s largest carbon nano-fiber manufacturing facility in India catering to not only light weight/high strength composites for aerospace, wind blade, automotive structures but also for high abrasion resistant rubbers, conducting inks, electrodes, etc.

I-CanNano is already having one US patent on Fuel Cell electrode and one Indian patent on super-capacitor electrode in its credit. I-CanNano has research interest in hydrogen storage & fuel cell development.

Apart from above, I-CanNano has developed ceramic filters with heavy metal absorption and anti-bacteria property and also developing catalytic converter for automotives. In bio-nano segment, research is in-progress on cancer drug delivery & contrast media for medical imaging technology. There are many other areas where I-CanNano has already touched upon, like nano-ceria for improving fuel efficiency, nano-additives for improving lubrication efficiency of lubricants etc. and those are also on the way to commercialization.

Wide interest & development of nanotechnology applications in real life has not demonstrated what nanotechnology can do but also how nanotech will touch common man’s life. With inspiration of Dr. Abdul Kalam, ex-President of India & renowned scientist, I-CanNano has adopted his vision, “Affordable nanotechnology for common man”.

In recognition to commendable research work done by Dr. Arup Chatterjee, UK Government has selected him under UKTI Global Entrepreneurship Programme 2006. In India, I-CanNano is driving the industrial nanotechnology scenario across various industries in construction, automotive, biotech, renewable energy, filters etc.

I-CanNano has already commenced marketing of its paints & coatings through a separate company incorporated in UK that will market decorative paints in UK and has plan to access risk capital at international stock exchange.

I-CanNano is committed towards successful commercialization of this critical technology so that it touches common man’s life in a beneficial manner. Innovation & promotion of responsible nanotechnology for solving problems of human civilization is one of the primary aims of the venture. So, I-CanNano is also into contract research of social dimension.
I-CanNano is actively involved in Indo-UK Joint Economic & Trade Co-operation through formation of high level Nanotechnology Working Group (NWG) with objective of accelerating collaboration & partnerships between industry/academia of two countries. Dr. Arup Chatterjee, Co-Chair from India, is actively involved in success of NWG activities.

Dr. Arup Chatterjee, is a highly talented scientist with applied technological bent in mind. He is committed towards application of nanotechnology for common man and achieving that through innovation. His diverse interest in wide application field has lead to development of many novel and high performance products and that no doubt proves his immense talent. With strong scientific capability & determination, he has crossed many barriers of technology development in his decade long research on nanotechnology to arrive at successful products & solutions.

Diverse portfolio at I-CanNano poses a big challenge in commercialization in this emerging high technology domain with disruptive effects and as a basic strategy it would like to grow through Grant, Venture Capital, Strategic Collaborations, Marketing Alliances and Cluster initiatives to maximize the potential of its technology in the market. To commercialize all the novel products in various market segments, I-CanNano has planned to emerge as group of companies with sector specific interests. In nanotechnology, entry barrier is high and once product gets developed, dissemination is fast. So, I-CanNano does not envisage any barrier for market entry where products are technologically as well as commercially competitive yet affordable.

I-CanNano indebted to support from friends, guides, students, associates, employees, suppliers, customers and family towards success in growing the technology from laboratory to markets.

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